Selena Gomez has fun in the sun on the set of Spring Breakers

We knew from the minute Selena Gomez tweeted those ‘holiday snaps’ which were in fact photographs of her on the set of her new film, we wanted to be wherever she was and lie around getting a nice tan too.

You see, Selena is very busy filming her latest sure-to-be-smash-hit-movie Spring Breakers in Florida at the moment, with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

Selena Gomez rides a moped on the set of Spring Breakers

But that wholesome Disney Selena we once knew seems to have vanished, along with her t-shirt, as she can be seen driving up and down a very sunny street in nothing but a Bikini top, blue shorts, high top trainers and sunglasses.

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So check out the video below and see all the pictures of Selena and co. having fun on set and riding around on mopeds.

Aw, it all looks like so much fun.

If only we could go there with Selena and the gang and ride about on mopeds too.

If only.


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