We thought we’d slowly let you into the world of outfits at the Kids Choice Awards 2012 with Selena Gomez’s orange carpet look, but now we’ve spotted some more celebrities who were wearing such different outfits that we thought we’d share them with you too, just to see which look you like the best.

First up, Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart.

Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart at the Kids Choice Awards

Obviously Katy went for the more ‘out there’ option, with her hair in a massive side pony tail (it’s rather impressive actually) and a very bright green outfit.

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Meanwhile, Kristen opted for a pretty feminine dress, in blue. The lace detail makes us happy and believe it or not, we think it made Kristen feel pretty good too, as she was spotted full on SMILING on the red carpet.

Miracles really do happen.

Next up is a couple of Nickelodeon starlets in, again, two very different looks on the orange carpet.

Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove at the Kids Choice Awards

Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove both went for bright colours, what with Victoria’s smart pink suit up against a blue, very leather looking dress from Miranda.

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Is it just us or does Victoria look like she’s channelling Caroline Flack in her outfit? It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not too hard to guess which memeber of One Direction she might be trying to impress..

Right you lot, let us know which outfit you liked the best out of these four celebrities.

We couldn’t possibly decide, they’re all just too darn fabulous.

One Direction at the Kids Choice Awards!

Selena Gomez at the Kids Choice Awards!

What do you think?