Niall Horan's mum gives Demi Lovato her blessing

The Niall Horan and Demi Lovato saga of love is getting even more intesne, as Mama Horan gives Demi her blessing to basically do whatever she likes with her son.

We think our blessing must have gone to our junk folder.

niall horans mum loves demi lovato

Demi's said thaf Niall's her celebrity crush, Niall's pretty much said "OOH YEAH ME TOO," and now Niall's mum has said that Demi would "be worthy" of her beloved offspring, in a chat with the The Evening Herald.

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But she was quick to point out that Niall's a little busy these days, so Demi might have to wait around a bit.

"He only has a day off every now and then, it's hard to keep up with him - everyday there's something else being said," said Maura.

demni lovato and niall horan

"I'm sure there are lots of girls who like him, but he'll be up against this a lot because of the circles he's mixing in.

"He'll meet many lovely people along the way."

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Oh Maura, you sound like a delight. Feel free to pop in for a cuppa and wide variety of biscuits or savoury snacks if the mood strikes you.

We can watch this together;


Do you think Niall and Demi should get it on? *plays Marvin Gaye*

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