One Direction's Harry Styles caught kissing model Emma Ostilly

So Twitter has been going a bit crazy with all this Harry Styles snogging Emma Ostilly business, hasn't it? So much so that we're up on a Saturday night writing about it. *Ahem, dedication.*

According to The Mirror Hazza hasn't just been spending his time in New Zealand perfecting the Haka, he's taken 18-year-old American model Emma on two dates.

The couple met on One Direction's Gotta Be You video last year and have apparently kept in touch since.

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The Mirror reports that they went on a date after 1D's Auckland show on Thursday night and on Friday night Emma was seen sneaking into his hotel following their second gig.

An onlooker who saw the couple at a bar on Thursday told the paper: “They really seemed to have a ­connection and only had eyes for each other.

“They were enjoying themselves, laughing and joking together. They seemed very happy and relaxed and you could tell they have a history together."

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Harry was then spotted giving Emma a lift back to her house where they then shared a kiss on her doorstep at 1.20am.

In the picture Harry has his hands on Emma's waist, while she is going in for the neck grab. We imagine she wanted to go for his hair but suspect that either a) she was worried about getting her fingers tangled, or b) Hazza murmured "Don't you dare touch the hair."

The two were also seen out together at bars on Friday night when again she was given a lift home in the early hours by Harry's driver.

 “Who knows if this will lead to ­anything," said a source. Indeed.

What we do know is that Emma sent Harry the sexiest tweet in the history of Twitter on Thursday.

"@Harry_Styles what exactly is burnt butter?" PHWOAR.

In other news, Louis' been doing a lot of surfing recently.


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