Emma Ostilly deletes Twitter account after Harry Styles fans abuse her

For those of you who missed the weekend’s big One Direction news, Harry Styles was spotted getting cosy with American model Emma Ostilly in New Zealand and now she’s deleted her Twitter account because of all the hoo-ha.

Harry Styles/Emma Ostilly Drama

So, just to get you up-to-date, Harry and Emma met on the Gotta Be You music video and apparently kept in touch ever since.

Then, the minute Harry landed in New Zealand (where Emma now lives) he apparently got in contact with her as soon as they arrived in Auckland.

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The pair were then spotted getting close last Thursday and Friday night.

After all that, the latest news is that Emma has deleted her Twitter account because of all the hate One Direction fans were giving her.

We’re starting to see a bit of a theme developing.

Emma Ostilly and her Harry Styles related drama

According to the Metro, Emma was sent a whole heap of abuse through Twitter and there were even Facebook pages set up against her.

Is it just us or is anyone else slightly worried that the lads won’t be able to have a girlfriend because a stream of abuse will send her running for the hills?

Let us know your thoughts on this whole debacle.

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