PICS: Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron on fancy dress 50s night out

We love it when celebs get all BFF with each other and so we were quite excited to see that Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron have not only been hanging out together, but posting pictures of their girly escapades all over Instagram.

Diana agron and Taylor Swift are new BFFs

Every girl loves to dress up and it looks like these two are no exception, getting all done up in some very romantic dresses before heading on a girly night out with LA friends Claire Kislinger and stylist Ashley Avignone.

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Going for a vintage vibe, the girls chose to go a bit 50s and while Dianna opted for a high-necked lace number and jacket, Taylor went for a full on prom dress, complete with elbow length gloves. Every bit the southern belles, the girls topped off their looks with some flowery head-pieces.

Not that we ever need a reason to dress up in a swoon-worthy frock, but we can't help wondering what the effort was in aid of.

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Taylor Swift and Diana Agron hang out

Maybe Dianna can explain it all for us. Or not.

Tweeting out some pictures of their frolics, Dianna was rather cryptic about it all, saying: "Had a long day & don't know what to celebrate later..? Becaue you need a moment to be young? Find your moments..."

Right. Whatever you say Dianna.

Diana Agron and Taylor Swift are new BFFs

Luckily Taylor was a bit more on the ball, explaining over twitter and saying: "We dressed up full-time fancy and went out in celebration of Shirley MacLaine's birthday."

Channelling her style, the girls headed out for dinner to celebrate the Hollywood actress' 78th birthday. The guest of honour wasn't actually with them though, so Taylor and Dianna paid tribute with a home made sign and a pile of birthday cake.

Diana Agron and Taylor swift are new BFFs

What do you think of this budding friendship between Taylor and Dianna? Like their idea for celebrating Shirley's birthday in style? And what about their 50s style outfits? So many questions, but comments in the shiny little box below please!

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Images: Instagram / Taylor Swift / Diana Agron / Ashley Avignone / Claire Kislinger

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