Harry Styles: I have five testicles

While the rest of the world has been spending its time getting excited by the fact that Harry Styles has four nipples, another body secret has remained undiscovered. Until now.

Scapers, Harry Styles has five testicles. Yes that’s right, FIVE.

In an interview with Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom in New Zealand, the One Direction singer was being questioned about his extra nips when Louis Tomlinson let the balls cat out of the bag.

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“And four testicles,” he chirped, in only the way Louis can chirp.

“Five testicles,” corrected Hazza, feeling a little crushed that his Luigi could get it so wrong.

“It’s like one of those things when one knocks into the other...a Newton’s cradle” he added.

So if you’re wondering what Mr Styles’ nuts look like, here’s some guidance for you.

Or maybe you’d prefer a more accurate representation:

So Harry Styles has five testicles. Yup, definitely not going to question that.

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