Zayn Malik's ex-girlfriend with her entire arse on display

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis - who also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Zayn Malik - must be feeling pretty embarrassed this morning.

Why? Because she had a tad too much fun at the British Soap Awards after-party - and ended up getting a little bit naked during a make-out sesh. In front of a whole load of paparazzi.

Steph Davis flashing her whole bum at National Soap Awards after-party

Stephanie - who plays Sinead O'Connor in the Channel 4 soap -  joined fellow soap-stars at London bar Cafe De Paris, and ended the night by snogging the actual face off wannabe model Jay Camilleri (he was in Dirty Sexy Things, remember?)

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She also did a bit of staggering around, hugged various ‘fans’, and oh yeah - got her bum out.

Now you might want to prepare yourself for this next photo, because when we say she flashed her bum, we don’t mean a little bit of cheek, or an accidental dress slip. We mean her ENTIRE ARSE.

Steph Davis Hollyoaks flashes her entire bum


The 19-year-old had unfortunately swapped her earlier more demure (well, demure for soap-land anyway) frock for this shorter dress - a decision we imagine she's regretting right about now.

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We wonder what Zayn Malik thinks? Probably thanking his lucky stars that new girlfirend Perrie Edwards would never do such a thing (we hope) and perhaps having a little chuckle too. After all, it is quite funny. 

stephanie davis flashing bum at national soap awards after-party

Zayn and Stephanie dated back in October, and according to Stephanie (who we caught up with at the end of last year) are still ‘dead good friends'.

She looks like she's pretty 'good friends' with this guy, too.

Well let's hope they are still pals, because we need someone to pass on a message for us. Zayn, for the love of all that's holy - could you tell the girl to buy a pair of knickers please?

Watch Stephanie talk about her relationship with Zayn here.

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