Emma Ostilly's boyfriend "really hurt" over Harry Styles kiss

It’s impossible for Harry Styles to kiss a girl and not have it surrounded with a tonne of drama. However when the One Direction fittie locked lips with model Emma Ostilly, we doubt he thought he’s be faced with all the “She’s got a boyfriend in the Navy” insanity.

According to Now, Emma wants to stay with her boyfriend, 19-year-old Sean Gallagher, but has had to do a lot of grovelling.

Her close friend Conor Mahoney told the mag: “Sean was really hurt.

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“They’ve talked it over and decided they’ll both move on from it. I’m not sure how Sean found out – whether she told him or he heard it in the news. But they’re still together and working on it.”

It’s not just a pee’d off Navy boyfriend that Emma has to deal with, she’s also had to put up with a loads of crazy abuse from nuts fans, who have been telling her they hate her and calling her pretty much every name under the sun.

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“She’s pretty upset and wants to put it all behind her," continued Conor.

“She’s spoken to Harry and they’ve both decided to move on. She’s one of my closest friends and such a nice girl.”

An angry boyfriend and a sea of Directionators – was all that worth it for a snog with Hazza? Probably, yeah.


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