Josh Hutcherson is dating Victorious star Ariana Grande?

Ever since we saw him covered in all that camoflauge in The Hunger Games, we've been unable to forget quite how fit Josh Hutcherson is. It sounds like we might be out of luck though as according to reports, he is officially off the market and dating Victorious star Ariana Grande.

Josh Hutcherson dating Victorious star Ariana Grande?

Josh and Ariana might not have actually said that they're dating, but according to one loose-lipped pal, their relationship has been going on for a while.

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"They've been seeing each other since the beginning of the year," the insider told Life & Style.

"They've been keeping it low-profile because it's still rather new."

Although nothing in the relationship department has been officially confirmed by the powers that be, the pair must be pretty friendly as Ariana has already said how guilty she feel about not yet having seen Josh in The Hunger Games.

"I haven't seen it yet. I feel like a horrible friend," Ariana told OK.

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 "I feel like the worst friend in the entire world. He's amazing,"

Josh Hutcherson dating Victorious star Ariana Grande?

We'd have to agree, but if she hasn't seen the movie, we're guessing it's not his performance that's so amazing. At least his on-screen performance, anyway..

But what do you think? Do you think they are dating or just good pals? Comments below please!

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