Kristen Stewart injured on set of Breaking Dawn reshoot

We’d heard the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the gang were re-shooting some scenes for Breaking Dawn, but apparently the filming didn’t go completely to plan and the actress ended up hurting her foot.

Kristen Stewart injures her foot while reshooting Breaking Dawn Part 2

Dropping in to America’s Jay Leno show, Kristen hobbled onto set before explaining that her lack of swagger was down to an injury to her foot that happened while re-shooting Bella’s first hunting experience on set in Vancouver.

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She also let slip a few details about what it was like filming the last instalment of the Twilight Saga and how different it is now that Bella has become not only a vampire, but a mother too.

Kristen Stewart is injured on set of Breaking Dawn Part 2

According to K-Stew, the reality of pretending to have a kid with real-life boyfriend Rob was a bit of a weird experience. She didn't have to worry too much about lots of sticky fingered toddlers running about the set though as a lot of the early scenes with baby Renesmee were apparently shot using a doll wearing a long-haired wig. If we’re honest, that sounds a trifle creepy to us, but we still can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Check out what Kristen had to say for herself..


So what do you think of all that then? What scenes are you most looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn Part II? Comments below please!

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