Jessie J: "The bisexual label irritates me"

Jessie J's looking sh*t-hot on the cover of June's Company, where she talks about The Voice, her image hang-ups, hair and dating. So pretty much everything important in our lives right now. Nice one.

jessie j on the cover of company magazine june 2012

"I want to teach my acts that it’s about sacrifice – it isn’t easy," says Jessie.

"It’s about staying in to avoid losing your voice shouting over music in clubs. It’s about understanding you’ll miss family events. You’ll doubt yourself, lose your voice and people will tweet horrible things. But I’ll be there for them."

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She went on to talk about her evolving style, and experimenting with her look;

“I’m just growing up! I won’t lie, when you’re first bringing out music and you want people to notice, you probably overdo it, especially as a girl," she admits.

"But I started looking at photos and thinking, “Jess, it’s too much – the outfits, the hair”. I became a bit of a cartoon. I just wanted to tone it down. Plus, nude lipstick doesn’t come off on your teeth.

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jessie j in company june 2012

“The Mystic Meg hair was my comfort blanket. But as you start seeing pictures of yourself at every angle you realise it’s about taking risks if you want your style to evolve."

Jessie also revealed that she gets annoyed when journalists mention that she's bisexual - which seems to be pretty much all the time.

"The bisexual label irritates me. They’d never write “Adele – the straight singer”, but that’s how the world works. The only thing I want to be defined by is my music and personality.

"Plus, at the moment I’m single. The Tinie rumours aren’t true!”

The full interview appears in the June issue of Company, on sale 11th May. Check out extra behind the scenes pictures at

Images: Paul Farrell

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