Russell Brand: 'I still love Katy Perry'

Russell Brand has admitted he still loves his former-wife Katy Perry – and called her a ‘beautiful human being’ on The Ellen DeGeneres show today.

In fact, Russ said all sorts of lovely things about the ‘Part of Me’ singer, that actually made us feel a little bit weepy inside.

Russell Brand says he still loves katy perry

Speaking about his 14-month marriage to Katy, Russell said: “I still love her as a human being, but sometimes when you’re in a relationship it doesn’t work out, does it?

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“That doesn’t mean I regret it or anything. I was very happy to be married with her.”

What a gentleman. Are you listening Katie Price/Peter Andre/Alex Reid? It's called dignity.

Russel Brand: I still love Katy Perry

Russell wasn’t quite done, and heaped a few more compliments on his former spouse as the audience cheered him on. (Those Americans do love a good cheer.)

“She’s such a beautiful human being,” he said. “I only have love and positivity for her.”

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Katy and Russell both seem fairly content despite their divorce – Katy’s all loved-up with Florence + The Machine hunk Robert Ackroyd, while Russ has been spotted with a bevy of hot ladies.

So would it be totally wrong of us to say we really, really miss them as a couple?

Especially when they had almost exactly the same hairstyle.

Russell Brand: I still love katy perry

Russell ended the revealing interview by getting all philosophical.

“You can’t absolutely make everything the way you want it to be in life,” he said.

“Sometimes things are just different and then you just move with that and try and remain in contact with what is beautiful about yourself and each other.”

Errr, we deal with break-ups by consuming our body weight in Ben and Jerry’s and obssessivly stalking our ex on facebook until we find a photo where he looks ugly – but we get Russell’s point.

What do you think about Russell’s comments?

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