Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards pictured kissing

After flirting with eachother on Twitter and fuelling more rumours than pieces of chicken eaten by Niall horan, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have finally confirmed their relationship by having a smooch in public.

The Sun revealed the pictures this morning, after a witness saw Zerrie sharing some smooches and messing about on a scooter in North London before he naffed off to America for a 'headline tour' or something trivial like that.

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"It was a very sweet farewell," said the pervy snog-watcher.

“They hugged, snogged and mucked about on a scooter while they were waiting for Zayn to be picked up. He was giving her lifts along the road.

“You could see they are genuinely really into each other. Both were dubious whether they could make it work due to the pressure of their pop star statuses — but they decided they like each other too much not to give it a go"

zayn malik and liam payne from one direction arrive in the usa

“So they’ve spent months getting to know each other to make sure they were on track before they went public.”

So there we have it. There ain't no lovin' like scooter lovin'.

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