Tell Eleanor Calder her relationship with Louis Tomlinson is fake, feel her wrath

We’d quite like Eleanor Calder to speak on our behalf during all arguments from now on, as she seems to be frickin’ awesome at putting certain people on the internet in their place without losing her cool.


Earlier this week someone tweeted Eleanor insinuating that her relationship with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was fake and she was on a contract.

“Sorry to be blunt but I hope you can take a step back and realise that you are completely deluded,” responded Eleanor in her lovely tweet voice.

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Twitter then went all a little bit crazy while the girl who tweeted her claimed that Louis had DM’d her!

Come on people, we all know Eleanor isn’t on a contract, Louis is just utterly greedy and likes to have both his Harry Styles and Eleanor Calder cakes and eat them. Yum.

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