Niall Horan & Demi Lovato Skype. World goes mental.

As if there weren't already enough Niall Horan and Demi Lovato rumours swirling around the over-moussed hairlines of the One Direction stratosphere, the pair have added new fuel to the fire by SKYPING.

Yes. Skyping. Which we all know means 'secretly having loads of sex'.*

niall horan and demi lovato

Shari Short, who currently sings for Demi Lovato, tweeted Niall that it was nice to meet him via Skype with her gal pal Demi, and the Twittersphere quickly blew up.

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Niall and Demi have yet to comment on this very serious and earth shattering matter, but we expect their solemn nods of a statement to come pretty soon, and reassure us all that they did Skype, but it was only the once, it wasn't how it looked, and they were thinking of us all the whole time.

niall horan and demi lovato


We like that one better.

*We hope this doesn't mean that really, or we've been pretty unaware about some fairly big events in our life...

**We don't know what web-snogging is.

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