Robert Pattinson argued with Adele over fame

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he once had an argument with Adele – over her fame.

Apaz, R-Pattz and Adele were at a party, (erm, where was our invite?) when Rob decided to dish out some career advice to the hugely successful singer.

Robert Pattinson argues with adele

He told Movieline: "Actually I had this argument with Adele, which is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever said.

"I was saying, 'You know, you can really just like reach for it (her goals)', and she was like, 'You do realise I am like the biggest-selling female artist ever?'

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"And I just for some reason just decided to get into an argument with her. [I woke up the next morning] kind of really, really regretting every word I said."

Awkward turtle.

Robert Pattinson argues with Adele

Rob also admitted that he used to believe his fame was preventing him from meeting people, before realizing that he’s actually just kind of socially awkward.

“You kind of, you have all these fantasies that if I wasn't famous I'd meet all these random people in the street all the time," said Rob.

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"But you don't meet random people in the street," he added. “Most of the time you're trying to avoid everybody even if you're not famous."

Robert Pattinson argues with Adele

Well Rob, while this story made us cringe ever so slightly, we'd just like to say: You can give us career advice any time. Night or day.

What do you think about Rob’s revelation?

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