Rihanna and Katy Perry's big lesbian love story continues...

So you know when you have a pet and it gets to Spring and they get all horny and start trying to have sex with chair legs and whatnot? Well Rihanna is just like that. Except human and really fit, so it’s kind of cool, not gross.

Anyway, recently Rihanna has turned her attentions onto women and last week, like a sleazy old man said that she’d like to watch Cheryl Cole bend over. How romantic.

Then Katy Perry decided to get involved in the action by kissing Chezza on Graham Norton and confessing that she’d like to have sex with Ri-Ri. Cue Photoshop.

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Now it’s Rihanna’s turn again to get involved in the “let’s pretend we’re all lesbians, oh look at us” action, by saying on Twitter that she’d like to be a lesbian with Katy.

One user tweeted: “We would ALLL turn lesbian for @rihanna, but who would rih turn lez for!? Hmmm...”

To which Rihanna simply replied: “@katyperry”.

Bloody hell it’s suddenly getting a bit hot in here isn’t it? Oh and any information on where all the blokes in the office have suddenly disappeared to would be great.

Katy Perry: I'm going to have sex with Rihanna

Erm, so Rihanna wants to watch Cherl Cole bend over

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