Jealousy is a nasty thing Scapers and since One Direction’s meteoric rise the boys and many of those associated with them have had to deal with some nasty abuse thanks to internet trolls.

The latest member to be the victim of idiots is Harry Styles. According to his best mate Will Sweeny, “sensitive” Hazza has been hurt by people from his town Holmes Chapel calling him a “d**khead” and “t**t.”

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“It really upsets Harry because he's a sensitive guy,” his White Eskimo bandmate told The People.

“He doesn't understand it either. People call him a d***head and refer to him as that t**t. More recently he's had abuse on network sites and chatrooms.”

According to Will, those who are abusing Harry feel that he turned his back on them when he became successful.

“He's had quite a few tweets and comments posted on Facebook and on the internet from people calling him names,” continued Will. “He doesn't read the messages any more. He just ignores them now.

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“It gets him down and when he comes back to see his family, he just likes to keep out of the way of some people because of what they've said.”

Like all members of 1D, Harry has stayed incredibly grounded, so we find it hard to believe he would ditch his mates. Let’s be honest people, he doesn’t even have time to fart at the moment, let alone go and chill out at home.

Are you shocked by the torment Harry is getting, or is this just typical behaviour of jealous people?

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What do you think?