Niall Horan's ex girlfriend Holly Scally has been pretty loose lipped about the whole dating saga, regailing us with stories of their dates at the school disco and how being cyber-bullied is no fun at all.

But now she has spilled the beans on the moment when Niall and her called it quits, and how she didn't feel too good about it all.

Holly told Now magazine: 'We were apart for four weeks, which felt really long because we used to see each other all the time.

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'One day Niall called and said" "I think we should finish because I never see you."

'I said: "Yeah, I know. I understand. So it's cool."

'I think he felt bad because he kept saying: "I'm so sorry." I tried to sound like it was no big deal but it was a bit sad for me.

'I liked him more than I'd let on. I missed him but we still talked on Skype and we met up whenever he was back.'

At least that is a relatively happy ending to their relationship. Oh and Holly, don't go worrying yourself now - there's plenty more fish in the sea.

Granted not many of them are in globally successful boybands, but what can you do?

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