VIDEO: Justin Bieber being WELL RUDE to his fans at the airport

Being an internationally recognised pop star like Justin Bieber, you're gonna get asked to pose for a few pictures when you're in public.

Being a full-on famous person like Justin Bieber, you'll probably get paid millions of pounds (or dollars, whatevs) to have your face slapped over adverts and thrown out into the world.

Being globally successful, like Justin Bieber, you'd have a fancy car outside the airport that you could wait in if you didn't want to inevitably get asked for pictures and autographs by the fans who buy your music and pay for your mansions and jewellery.

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justin bieber rude to fans at airport

Justin Bieber (did we mention him?) was waiting for girlfriend Selena Gomez at the airport this week, when fans asked him for pictures and autographs. Shocking, we know.

Justin was having none of it, and asked them; "Don't I have any rights as a human being to wait for my own girlfriend? Why do you have to be so impatient?

"I’ve been here waiting for my girlfriend. I’m still a human being, I have a right to wait for my own girlfriendYou say you’re really my fans, but then why are you doing this.

"I’ve had a long day too, I flew in. I don’t have to be nicer about it. You guys are in my face."

Check out the video and leave your rants below;

What do you think of his snapping?

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