Rob Ackroyd: "Katy Perry is the real deal, it's not just about sex"

The love-life of Katy Perry is one we're far more interested in than the "eating-cheese-romance" of our own, and her rumoured boyfriend Robert Ackroyd has told heat magazine that things are getting serious.


katy perry and rob ackroyd

"She's the real deal," he said.

"She loves London, show I'm just showing her the sights."

When he was asked if he was Katy's actual real-life and proper boyfriend, Rob's said to have stayed silence, but had something to say when asked if it as just all about shagging.

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"No, no, it's not like that. Um, more like the other one..."


katy perry and orbert ackroyd at coachella

Katy was snapped hugging and kissing Rob at Coachella festival earlier this year, and the two were pictured together last week while The Pezter was in London.

What do you think, are they riding the love train?

Katy Perry and Rob Ackroyd kiss, hug and hold hands at Coachella - pics

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