Is Cheryl Cole dating Wretch 32?

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Cheryl Cole might have been collaborating with Wretch 32 on a track off new album Million Lights, but apparently she hasn't been saying Screw You to him out of the studio and reportedly they've been getting rather close.

Cheryl Cole and Wretch 32?

Since working together on Chezza's upcoming album, the pair have apparently become good friends and she even admitted that they've been out for dinner together during an appearance on Greg James' Radio 1 show.

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Wretch doesn't seem shy in returning the favour either and has reportedly even requested a special VIP ticket for Chezza to go along to T4 On The Beach with him.

We are aware this isn't exactly evidence that they're about to elope to Gretna Green, but we have to say that we weren't that surprised to hear these rumours. After all, Cheryl did tell us that Wretch is the celeb she'd most like to have rub sun cream into her back when we were at last week's Capital FM Summertime Ball.

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Check out the video of what Cheryl's answer to the sun cream conundrum and judge for yourself..



Even more intriuing is the fact that Wretch seemed pretty keen on the idea too and told us he'd "give it a good go" right back.

Ooh err! But what do you think? Could you see them getting together?

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