Louis Tomlinson's sisters name hamster after Eleanor Calder

There are many things we still don't know about Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend Eleanor Calder, but after some careful investigation there are a few things we have found out. But while we can happily accept the fact that she stores sunflower seeds in her cheeks for later (Duh, it's just common sense in the snack storage department), we were slightly surprised to hear that despite having a One Direction singer for a boyfriend, she still lives in a small plastic house full of wood shavings.

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Oh wait a second, we are thinking of the other Eleanor in the Tomlinson family aren't we? The hamster one.

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder in LA

If you thought that Luigi and Eleanor couldn't get any cuter, you may need to rethink your priorities as his little sisters have gone and put the cherry on top of the great big love sandwich by naming their new pet hamster after their big brother's girlfriend.

Tweeting a picture of the newest addition to the family, Louis' mum said: "How cute is our new little hamster? She was named `Eleanor' by the twins @EleanorJCalder.."

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Even if it is as sweet as this one looks, we're not sure how we'd feel about having a rodent named after us. Luckily, Eleanor is much more polite than we are and took the compliment well, replying and saying: "@JayTommo @drdeakin Haha! Cute! Can't wait to meet her xxx." [sic]

Well here she is..

Louis Tomlinson's sisters name their hamster after his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder

Awww. What screams romance more than having your siblings name a small, furry rodent after your loved one? Erm, flowers maybe? Or a gift voucher.. or even a half-eaten biscuit actually, now you mention it.

But what do you think? Fancy having a hamster named after you?

Comments below please!

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Images: Twitter / Jay Tomlinson / WENN

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