Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson have peculiar night out

After Katy Perry's premiere of her new flick Part Of Me in Hollywood last night, she headed out to swanky celeb-haunt Chateau Marmont with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and - Robert Pattinson!?

The R-Patz inclusion makes this possibly the strangest gaggle of celebrities we've ever seen, and we bloody love it.

robert pattinson and justin bieber

The gang of bezzies were filmed leaving the venue and dashing out quickly to an awaiting bus - probably to take them to a pile of money to slide down into a swimming pool of champagne.

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Bieber, Selena and K-Pez all quickly sprinted on amidst yells of innane questions from waiting reporters, and shut the door in Robert Pattinson's face.

selena gomez and katy perry

Yeah. It was awkward. They're probably not used to having a less chirpy member of the gang out with them and forgot he was lurking in the shadows.

Check out the video.

However, this does lead us closer to what we imagine would be The Greatest Thing Of All Time; Kristen Stewart interviewing Justin Bieber. Can you imagine?

Someone set it up, puh-lease.

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