Bo Bruce and her sideboob hang out with Danny O'Donoghue in London

Fuelling the rumours that The Voice UK's Bo Bruce and 'coach' Danny O'Donoghue are having loads of hot crazy sex while talking about vibratos and falsettos, the pair stepped out in London last night at a (s)wanky members club in London.

Bo's sideboob was also there.

bo bruce at the groucho club in london with MASSICE SIDEBOOB

Rumours of the twosome's canoodling heated up after Danny split up from his long-term girlfriend earlier this month.

"Danny got caught up in the show. He was trying to do his best for Bo - she's been going through a really hard time as her mum is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer," a gobby mate told Now magazine.

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"They formed a close bond. "But now he's kicking himself for losing the person that really matters to him: Irma."

danny o'donoghue and bo bruce out in london

"He's begging her to give it another shot but after all the rumours, she says there's no chance."

Not that we're anything remotely close to relationship experts, but maybe Danny should stop going out in public with the woman he's being linked to in that there media if he wants his gal-pal back.

Just sayin'.

Danny O'Donoghue and Bo Bruce rumours reduced to 'nonsense'

Danny takes Bo out for some gorilla themed busking

Images: PA / Wenn

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