Katy Perry; "It's ok not to be flawless, perfect is boring"

Seeing as it's all people tend to talk about when they mention Katy Perry's new film Part Of Me, you've probably heard that there's a lot of footage of Katy without any make-up on.


Katy spoke to heat magazine this week, explaining why going make-up free shouldn't be that big of a deal - and we couldn't agree more. (Plus, it takes ages and we're crap at putting it on.)

katy perry

"I left a lot of unflattering shots in the scenes," Katy explains.

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"I think they show that perfect is boring and that it's OK not to be flawless. I want people to see that idea [of perfection] is a fantasy some people have of those who are in my position."

katy perry

She also touched upon her divorce, and going through such an emotionally trying time in front of the media, sayng that "when you eat the dirt a little bit, it builds character."

"I don't like to paint a perfect picture," Katy went on.

"I like to be able to show everything and make sure that people see that they too don't have to be absolutely problem-free and perfect in order to get to where they want to go."

Some fine advice there from The Pezter. check out our review of her film here.

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