Katy Perry: 'Russell Brand was the reason for our split'

Katy Perry has claimed that her divorce from Russell Brand was mainly down to the lack of effort he put in to visiting her when they had time off from their hectic careers.

In her new flick Part Of Me 3D, we see a tired Katy almost wishing the time away until she got a few days off - or "relationship days" as she called them. The film shows Katy flying across the world and back to see Russell in the few days she has off from her world tour.

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katy perry and russell brand kissing

In a new interview with The Sun, Katy was asked if Russell not coming over to see her was the reason for the split.

"Yes," she replied.

"If I could edit it any other way I would, but that is exactly the way it was.

“I always had plans to make this record and usually with a record, you tour a record.

“Touring is always important to me. It’s like a big IOU to my fans, because I know they are the reason I exist.”

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katy perry and russell brand before they were divorced

While some might see choosing to publicly address your marriage breakdown and document it on film forevermore as a bit of an odd decision from Katy, she thinks it was important she didn't shy away from the topic.

"For me it was important with this movie not to ignore that elephant in the room.

“I am not hiding anything, but I had to put it in with integrity and consideration because that’s how I make all my choices, because I believe in karma.”

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