Perez Hilton: One Direction will break up

Now we’re not sure whether Perez Hilton was trying to be a bit controversial and get some attention ,or if he’s just a bit duuhhhhh, but last night he said that One Direction won’t be around for much longer.

The blogger told Digital Spy that he reckons that one member will leave and the rest will eventually break up. OK then...

"I would not be surprised if One Direction break up in the next couple of years.

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"I think ultimately one of them will quit or get fired, they'll continue on as a foursome and then not too long after - maybe a year or two - they'll break up.

"It happened very quickly for them, so it could end very quickly for them too.”

Simon Cowell fire someone that keeps him diving into pools of gold coins? Um, no.

Perez then went on to compare the boys to the Jo Bros.

"Look at the Jonas Brothers - a few years ago they were incredibly popular, but now? Not so much."

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We’d consider raising an eyebrow, but seeing as this is coming from the man who said: “One Direction may have a career after The X Factor is over in the UK, but their chances of crossing over to America and the rest of the world are ZERO”; we think we’ll just go back to sitting around in our trackies and eating biscuits.

We’re guessing you have a lot to say on the matter though...

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