Miley Cyrus shows off her new tattoo in West Hollywood

Miley Cyrus stepped out of her pilates class in West Hollywood yesterday, wearing her gym gear and heading towards her car. As usual.

She was surrounded by paps, as usual, and had her hair in a top-knot, as usual.

But she threw in a MASSIVE NEW TATTOO to mix things up a bit.

miley cyrus out in west hollywood

Miley's got an inscription of a wuote from Theodore Roosevelt on her right forearm, which says;

"So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."

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miley cyrus new tattoo

Continuing her venture into spirituality, Miley tweeted that we should all buy some healthy snacks earlier this week, and that she loves Mondays.

Miley Cyrus's fashion through the years

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Miley & Liam won't be having kids for a LONG time then...

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