Selena Gomez 'overheard talking about Justin Bieber split'

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been the subject of more break-up rumours than we’ve had chocolate biscuits – and that’s saying something.

So when we heard the latest ‘Jelena have split’ gossip, we were a little skeptical.

Justin Bieber and Selena split?

Now, however, several eye-witnesses have come forward (writing that felt like proper serious journalism for a moment) eye-witnesses who claim to have heard Selena talking about the break-up with friends.

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Apaz, The Gomez met several friends at a restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California - and perhaps didn't keep her voice down as much as she should have.

A ‘fellow diner’ told Life & Style Magazine: “Selena and some girlfriends came in for lunch, and she was in a serious mood,”

“She swept her hair forward to cover her face and kept really quiet.”

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber split

ANOTHER sneaky-eavesdropper added: “I overheard them talking about how she and Justin had broken up. She was being consoled by her friends.”

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Hmm, perhaps if Selena hadn’t been covering her face with her hair, she might have spotted the countless looky-loos desperately craning their necks to hear every word she said.

An insider close to Selena has allegedly confirmed that it was Justin who ended things, telling Life & Style: “She was in tears for 72 hours, saying Justin was over the relationship and wanted to be single.”

Justin bieber and selena gomez in airport reunion

Well, this one is definitely one of the more convincing Jelena split rumours we’ve heard. It's making us quite sad.

What do you think?

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