Demi Lovato rep says "hard partying" claims are "total BS"

Recent reports that Demi Lovato has carried on with her former partying ways despite championing her "Sober is sexy" motto have been SLAMMED by her reps. Yes, slammed.

demi lovato dismisses party rumours

Since checking into rehab in November 2012 following an eating disorder and drug addiction, Demi has reportedly stayed clean and sober, and claims to enjoy her healthy lifestyle of sunshine and growing and changing and learning... etc.

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Some gobby gobster this week claimed that Demi is "not as sober as she's leading everyone to believe" and "is still partying hard."

demi lovato rep denies partying claims

Demi Lovato's reps told The Huffington Post that the claims are "total bs" in an email. So there.

Demi recently kicked two rappers off of The X Factor USA for performing a song about bath salts.

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