Harry Styles' mum Anne Cox annoyed about fan tweeting his birth certificate

Harry Styles’ mum Anne Cox took to Twitter in defence of Harry’s privacy after a fan tweeted a copy of his birth certificate.

After a fan tweeted Hazza’s birth certificate, Anne tweeted in response: “why would you even have that??”

The mega dramz started yesterday when a One Direction fan posted Harry’s birth certificate on Twitter and the image was retweeted by a One Direction Twitter news feed.

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Harry Styles Anne Cox

A birth certificate is a public record that can be obtained by request, so someone must have tracked it down.

The fan has since removed the picture, but according to the Examiner, the birth record showed that Harry Styles is his real name, not Harold. Phew!

Harry Styles and Anne Cox

The fan who tweeted the document has since apologised to any fans who might have been upset by the post.

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