Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber & more celebs read out mean tweets about themselves

This video brings out similar feelings in us to the emotions that popped up when we watched that video of baby ducks being blown over in the wind.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has featured a video of some of our favourite and most-stalked celebrities reading out nasty and offensive tweets about themselves.

katy perry on jimmy kimmel live reading out a mean tweet

Including Katy Perry observing someone who wanted to have intimate times with their chopped-off arm instead of going to the cinema to see her film, Kristen stewart being compared to a boy, Justin Bieber being essentially asked to die, and Matt leBlanc getting a teensy bit aggravated about a small attack on his age.

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Ahem. Yes, like we said. A very serious issue that we should not be laughing at whatsoever.

LOL - it's our favourite celebs falling over!

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