Professor Green: 'Kristen Stewart is a cheating sl*tbag'

He's not exactly known as a shrinking violet but Professor Green has once more gone and caused a bit of a kerfuffle after calling Kristen Stewart  a "cheating sl*tbag" - presumably in relation to the pictures showing her cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders.

Professor Green calls Kristen Stewart a "cheatinf sl*tbag" after rupert sanders affair

Pro Green might not be your average Twihard but probably feeling a tad devastated about the revelations and the effect it's having on his favourite Twilight couple, he couldn't help letting out the inner Trampire Slayer..

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"Being a cheating sl*tbag aside i actually feel sorry for Kirsten Stewart, she may as well have cheated on justin bieber. #careersuicide," he tweeted. [sic]

We're fairly sure that Pro Green was actually sticking up for Kristen although after that one, we're not sure we'll be hiring him to defend us in court any time soon.

"Humour aside it's f***ed up when the media starts playing God... It can't make any situation easier having it plastered all over the news," he added.

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Professor Green calls Kristen Stewart a "cheatinf sl*tbag" after rupert sanders affair

It's nice to know he appreciates not only Robsten but the Biebs too. We'll be looking forward to THAT collaboration  - although we probably won't be betting our signed New Moon soundtrack on it.

What do you think of Pro Green's philosophical analysis of the situation? Is he right or has he gone too far for you?

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