Are Max George and Michelle Keegan getting back together?

We took Max George and Michelle Keegan’s beak up a little harder than we thought we would, which was odd, we didn’t realise how emotionally invested we were in the whole thing.

Anyway when the two were together they seemed like quite a lovely and down to earth couple, so the news that they have been speaking on the phone all week is being welcomed by us with open arms. Yes that’s right, we’re literally grabbing the words and hugging them. (Look, you’re not here, you’ll just have to believe us.)

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“Max and Chelle have chatted on the phone together every day this week, and it looks like things between them are improving dramatically,” an insider told The Mirror.

Despite The Wanted singer being a crap boyfriend before, the source reckons he’s willing to make amends and Michelle still loves him.

“He knows he made mistakes, but he still loves Michelle and wants to make another go of it. This is the first stage in rebuilding their relationship.

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“Chelle has been upset by some of the things that have come out, but she still feels very strongly about Max too – she still loves him, and is seriously considering giving things another go.

“They’re hoping to get together for a chat soon, but for now things are looking good in terms of getting their relationship back on track.”

What can we do to make this happen? Shall we sit down with you both and create an Emotion Tree? Or how about draw a Sea of Honest Thoughts and Feelings?

We really missed our call as therapists.

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