Kristen Stewart 'being sent pictures of herself with her eyes burnt out'

After Will Ferrell so fittingly summed up the mood of the world in his moving video about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship dramas last week, we'd started to hope that things would start to change for the better; that we could all pull through this, that Robsten would be OK, that the hate would stop, and everythng would be alright.

Well, apparently K-Stew's now getting sent pictures of herself with her eyes burnt out, so we guess there's still some way to go.

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kristen stewart getting sent pictures of herself with her eyes burnt out

"Kristen's getting it from all angles," a gossipy pal told Grazia.

"On Twitter and on fan sites they're calling her a Trampire, and she's getting vile things in the post too, like pictures of her and Rob with her eyes burnt out with cigarettes.

"It's awful."

Jeez, we thought it was bad that we kept getting all those letters from the Spanish Lottery, but we guess we'll let Kristen win on this one.

"Kristen is in such a dark place right now," said another snitchy so'n'so.

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kristen stewart and rupert sanders

"She's desperate to win robert back, but he's told mutual friends it's over and has changed his mobile phone number to let her now that it's over between them.

"She can't sleep and has completely lost her appetite. She says she can't think about anything rationally."

It was confirmed yesterday that Rob will be giving an exclusive interview to Good Morning America next week, when he's expected to address the affair dramas HEAD ON.

Check out the teaser here

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