Zayn Malik 'moving Perrie Edwards into his house'

In One Direction love-developments set to warm hearts and caress cockles of the nation, Zayn Malik is rumoured to be making some space for his love muffin Perrie Edwards in his new swanky house.

We can only assume she's agreed to a strict do-not-disturb-when-I'm-doing-my-hair rule.

perrie edwards and zayn malik moving in together

A gossip-monger has told Heat mag this week that the two have been pretty much living together since Zayn returned from America with One Direction, and when Perrie hasn't been away with Little Mix.

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"They have been inseperable. They had a long time apart while Zayn toured the States, so they're really happy to be together again.

"Zayn has been staying at Perrie's place in Notting Hill most of the time. He's rarely ever at his own flat and they want to make their joint living situation more official."

zayn malik and perrie edwards moving in together

Living with a grl will definitely have its benefits for the Zaynster, think of all the moisturisers and lotions he'll be able to get his hands on, and how much more money they'll have between them to kit up some kind of Grooming Room.

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"Zayn just hasn't met anyone like Perrie," the snitcher continues to Heat.

"He's absolutely infatuated with her. They want to be together all the time. Zayn's bought himself a house in North London but isn't quite ready to move in there yet. Perrie is going to help him kit the place out - it will basically be their place rather than just Zayn's.

"Perrie will have her own wardrobe space and will give advice on how it's decorated."

zayn malik moving in with perrie edwards

Perrie and her Little Mix bandmates have been talking to the press about her relationship with Zayn this month, with Perrie herself finally admitting that it's all official between them. Hurrah!

"It's definitely love," says the friend (who seems to know way too much about them for our liking, do they just stare at them all day?)

"They try to lay low and don't really want to be a couple who flaunt their relationship for the cameras, but in their circle it's no secret they want a future together."

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