Ed Sheeran tattoos Harry Styles. EH?

Harry Styles is fast becoming The Illustrated Man, and tonight added to his body-art with a "top secret" piece on his left collarbone, and a little summin-summin from his buddy Ed Sheeran.

Er, which is odd.

harry styles getting tattooed by ed sheeran

Harry was also inked by the far more professional (we assume, who *actually* knows the possible tattoo-secrets Ed Sheeran keeps inside his sideburns) Kevin Paul Tattoo, who is remaining tight-lipped about what he scribbled on Hazza's skin.

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Well, he won't type it, which we guess makes him tight-fingered, but that sounds a bit rude.

"His new tattoos top secret at the moment but we're going to be doing a half sleeve in the next couple weeks," tweeted Kevin.

harry styles from one direction with kevin paul tattoo on his left collarbone

A half sleeve! We're assuming he means the top half in some kind of continuation of what he's started, and that it'll be going all the way down to his elbow.

Hopefully that means he got something good, and not a weird microphone or peace sign like Zayn Malik (who we love, but... c'mon).

Or a vagina.

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PICS: Twitter

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