Perrie Edwards: Me and Zayn Malik have matching purple onesies!

Now we’re not part of one of the world’s best looking couples so we can only imagine what Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards get up to in their spare time.

We suspect it includes standing in front of the mirror comparing cheekbones and pouts, and maybe videoing themselves flipping their hair in slow motion.

Apparently we’re wrong though, as Perrie reckons they just hang out in their onesies. Sexshey.

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"We just chill put on the sofa,” she told Look. “I’ll wear the purple onesie Zayn got me – he’s got one too!”

What with Pezza being in Little Mix and Zayn touring the world with One Direction, the two need to make sure they make effort to keep their relationship strong.

“I’m really happy –everything’s amazing,” she said. “As long as we can talk as much as possible, we cope fine with being apart.”

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Although getting spoilt rotten by the Bradford Bad Boi™ style probably helps.

“The girls always say he’s good to me. I like to be treated like a princess and I love thoughtful gifts.

“When I was on holiday I got him a painting and filmed the artist making it. He loved it.”

Here’s the video:

Beautiful stuff.

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