Kristen Stewart is said to have changed tactics in her bid to win back Robert Pattinson - according to a friend of Bobby P she's been sending him 'dozens of love letters.'

Yep, it seems the actress has ditched technology in favour of some old fashioned pen and paper to try and convince Rob that he's the only one for her - and has even suggested couples therapy.

robert pattinson and kristen stewart

oo and err.

A pal of Rob's told Life & Style Weekly magazine:  "She's sent Rob handwritten notes - dozens of them - begging him to take her back.

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"She says things like, 'I can't live without you. I love you. You are the one, and I made the biggest mistake of my life.' "

Apaz, the fact that she's still on speaking terms with Rob - i.e. he's not completely blanking her anymore - has given the actress hope that they may still be able to salvage their relationship - despite her bonky times with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

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Rob's friend added: "Kristen has offered to do everything to win Rob's heart back - she even suggested couples therapy, which is a big change for her.

Robert Pattinson drunk dialling Kristen Stewart

"She said they could talk everything out with a third party. She simply won't back down. She text-messages him all day, and Rob just sends one-word answers back."

We can't help but feel a little sorry for Kstew - Rob is looking buffer than ever after all.

And hey, perhaps her determination will pay off - 'faint heart never won a fair lady' and all that jazz. Yes, we did just refer to Rob as a 'fair lady'. Sorry.

What do you think about Kristen's love-letter writing?

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