Liam Payne: I felt like I was to blame for Danielle Peazer's Twitter abuse

A peculiar thing happens when a member of One Direction pays attention to, or God forbid, falls in love with a girl. Suddenly all the trolls that lurk around on the social networks appear, rear their jealous heads and send the girls a tonne of weird abuse.

Any outsider who’s not an idiot can see that these people are complete wastes of space and should be ignored, but when it’s you or someone you love receiving such horrible messages, it’s hard to remember that. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson know this all too well.

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“You don’t want to see anybody go through that,” Liam told Top of the Pops magazine.

“Danielle went through a stage where things really got to her. It upset her family and I felt like I was to blame. People can be very quick to say things on the computer, but they don’t realise what it can actually do.”

Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder has also been through some pretty nasty Twitter hate.

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“I think if they’re a fan of ours, then they should be respectful of our actions,” he said. “To be honest the majority are.”

We know that the vast majority of 1D fans adore Eleanor and Danielle, we see all your lovely comments about them; but for those who find it necessary to try and cyber bully them, get a life.

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