Kristen Stewart too scared to do press after affair?

So Robert Pattinson has been managed to go and be his usual weird self while chatting to the press since the news broke that Kristen Stewart cheated on him; but it looks like ol’ KStew is going to struggle to bring her awkwardness in front them any time soon.

According to RadarOnline Kristen is too scared to come out of hiding and tell the world about her being a trampire (erm, Will Ferrell said it so we can too).

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“Kristen has been hiding ever since the story of her affair with Rupert broke – and she doesn’t plan on breaking that habit just yet,” revealed a source.

“Unlike Rob, who faced the music and threw himself into promoting his new movie Cosmopolis, Kristen isn’t comfortable with facing a barrage of questions about the cheating scandal.”

According to the site, Kristen’s mates are encouraging her to do interviews and face the world, but she’s been clicking her fingers in their faces and saying, “Nah uh, they’re not getting this baby.”* * Some of that sentence might not be true.

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“Her pals have urged her to follow Robert’s lead and do some interviews for On The Road – just to get it over and done with. The sooner she faces the music, the quicker it will all end and the media glare will fall on someone else.

“However, Kristen is scared. The backlash from her Twilight fans has upset her – she’s lost and doesn’t know what to do.”

Oh come on people, we all know the truth. It’s not the Twihards and tough line of questioning Krisalata is scared of, she knows that due to extreme awkwardness she will actually bite her entire lip off. Yes, that’s right her entire lip.

No one wants that.

Do you with Kristen would hurry up and talk to the world?

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