Liam Hemsworth says Miley Cyrus's hair "looks great"

Liam Hemsworth has broken his silence on the Miley Cyrus hair fiasco and says it “looks great”.


Ever since Miley shaved off most of her locks last week, the question we kept going over and over was, ‘But what will Liam think?!’

What if he liked her old hair and can’t get used to the change?

What if it was the beginning of the end of their fairytale engagement?

Liam Miley

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit much, but honestly these things can keep you up at night...

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When asked what he thinks of his fiancée’s drastic haircut on Good Morning America, Liam said: “Her hair looks great. It’s a big change, but it looks really fantastic.”

Liam Hemsworth

But you HAVE to watch the video of the interview below.

We think we see a waver of doubt across his face as he’s saying “fantastic”.

But have a look and tell us what you think.

We’re DYING to know if you see it too.

Miley Cyrus

When asked about the Twitter storm Miley kicked up, he said: “I try not to go on the internet too much. I try and keep my life right in front of me and not pay too much attention to that stuff because it makes me nervous.”

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Oh really? We’re pretty sure it doesn’t make Miley nervous.

If a day goes by without her posting at least one picture of herself, then WE get nervous.

Miley Cyrus

Watch the interview and see what you think of his reaction here…

So do you think he means what he’s saying? Please tell us!

Remind yourself how the hair cut first went down here...

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IMAGES: PA, Twitter, YouTube

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