Liam Payne: One Direction will never have a big enough argument to split

Seeing as they live in each others’ pants, One Direction must have a hell of a lot of arguments, right? RIGHT? Um no, wrong actually.

In fact the boys are in the throes of such a joyous love-in that the only thing they can muster a quarrel over is food. (We’re holding Niall Horan responsible for that.)

“To be honest, we don’t argue very much at all,” Harry Styles told Top of the Pops. “If we do, it’s about silly things like where we’re going for dinner!”

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“I couldn’t see us having a big enough argument to split,” added Captain Sensible, Voice of Reason Liam Payne.

In fact it looks like life as a 1D member would be pretty plain sailing if it wasn’t for a grumpy Sasquatch.

“But if anyone’s likely to bicker in the group, it would be Louis!” revealed Niall.

Louis Tomlinson was unavailable to comment. He doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.

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