Miley Cyrus quite likes it when you call her a lesbian

Calling someone gay or a lesbian shouldn’t be used as an insult, despite many people taking it that way or saying it to be derogatory. Ugh.

This week actress Evan Rachel Wood tweeted that Miley Cyrus was “leaning towards gay” and Twitter went so crazy that she eventually had to apologise.

However you can call Miley gay all you like, as the star doesn’t see being labelled that as a bad thing as she thinks lesbians are “awesome”.

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“Miley isn’t a lesbian at all but she takes it as a compliment. Lesbians are awesome and courageous and she loves them,” a friend told HollywoodLife.

“Her hair is just an edgy style that she loves and it’s something she thought of on her own. She isn’t hurt or otherwise offended by people talking about her hair negatively, and she doesn’t think that being called a lesbian is a bad thing at all. “

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She loves and respects everyone and hopes everyone can do the same.”

Say what you like about la Cyrus, but she’s a love all, serve all kinda gal; and that’s impossible to knock.

What do you reckon about Miley’s new ‘do, are you coming round to it, or do you wish she’d get her old hair back?

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