Robert Pattinson 'to spend millions on post Kristen Stewart makeover'

There's been a lot of awful news around Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders recently, but one great thing we've taken away from it all (because we're shallow and practically dead inside) is how HOT Rob's been looking since the affair was revealed.

robert pattinson to spend millions on a makeover

He opened the New York Stock Exchange looking more delicious than a buy one get one free sale st Gregg's, he's made countless TV appearances smouldering with sexyness (even when he's talking about cereal), and has been on many a red carpet looking so beautiful we want do things to him that we probably shouldn't write down.

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But apparently, he's planning on spending frick loadsa cash on a makeover.

"Rob wants to show Kristen what she's thrown away," a snitch told Look magazine.

robert pattinson to get makeover

"He's spent a fortune in the past two weeks on his hair, teeth whitening and a spray tan. He's bought an array of Gucci suits, which cost £2,000 a pop and he's stepping up his exercise regime with trainer Tamsyn Hamilton to get in shape."

Rob, buddy, you look stonkin' already. No need to touch yourself.

We'll gladly do the honours.

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