Harry Styles celebrates Liam Payne's birthday by chatting up Playboy twins

If Playboy King Hugh Hefner ever decides to create a ' The Apprentice' type telly show, we're pretty sure that Harry Styles would be a frontrunner for the top prize.

Not only is the curly-haired lurve bot linked to a different girl every week, but he also celebrated Liam Payne's birthday in true Hazza style (no pun intended) by flirting with a pair of Playboy gals this weekend.

Harry Styles parties with PlayBoy twins

Playboy twins, to be exact. Which isn't a cliche at all. *cough*

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Carla and Melissa Howe - who partied at Chinawhite with Tom Cruise earlier this week - joined the 1D lads and pals to help Liam 'two-kidney' Payne celebrate reaching the ripe-old age of 19.

Liam Payne celebrates his 19th birthday with a champagne fight and Harry Styles, Danielle Peazer, Josh Devine and Andy Samuels

While the guests went totally cray cray spraying champagne and chucking cake about, the Playboy duo caught the eye of a certain Mr. Styles - with Melissa revealing that she'd given Harry her BlackBerry pin.


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harry styles and playboy twins

After snuggling up with Liam for the above snap, Mel told The Sun: “Harry was incredibly flirty and kept going on about us being twins.

“He took my BlackBerry pin number so I hope we see him again. By the end of the night most people had to change their clothes because everyone was soaked with champagne and covered in cake.”

Oh Harry, you should have said - we'd have been more than happy to help you out of those wet clothes.

Sadly, it appears that Melissa and Carla didn't quite manage to get a ride in the lurve-mobile (also known as Harry Styles' Range Rover) though, which must be a bit of a kick in the teeth.

What do you think about Harry's latest flirtation?

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Images: WENN/Facebook/Twitter

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