Cheryl Cole on her lesbian dreams about Rihanna

Rihanna and Cheryl Cole’s favourite thing to do to grab attention is to pretend they fancy each other.

Cheryl Cole and Rihanna

A few months ago Rihanna revealed that she’d really like to watch Chezza bend over and pick stuff up off the floor; and now Sheril peet has returned the favour.

During a chat with Birmingham’s Heart FM Breakfast show Cheryl was asked if she’d ever had a dream about another celebrity.

“Yeah, Rihanna,” replied Cheryl.

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When asked just what went down during the dream, Chezza just said: “We had fun. You know, girly fun.”

Cheryl Cole

Oh really Ms. Cole? Are you sure you had a big ol’ lesbian dream about RiRi, or did you maybe just dream about your hair turning into cheese and then eating it, like what the rest of us do? Well some of us.

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