Rebecca Ferguson sued by former management

The X Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson is being sued for breach of contract by her former management.

Rebecca split from Modest Management Ltd (who also manage One Direction and Little Mix) in June after complaining about being “exhausted”.

But the company say by doing so she breached her five-year contract and now they want 20% of her future earnings for ending it all early. Oooh!

Rebecca Ferguson

According to MTV the company have now made public an email which they claim shows Rebecca ended their agreement.

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It reads: "I am really unhappy with how I have been treated by you over the last couple of months and how miserable I have become.

"The deterioration of my health has not been relevent (sic) to you until this week when it reached another low point.

"I have lost all faith and trust in you as managers so I have no option but to terminate our working relationship with immediate effect."

But Rebecca reckons they took her email the wrong way and she was feeling unwell when she sent it.

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Rebecca Ferguson

In a statement, Rebecca said: "All I want to say is I am happy, I am well and I am focused on work.

"I've lost many friends and many people around me. Fame comes with good and bad."

"My voice is a gift... and it's my choice what I do with it. I came into this industry, and I'll leave this industry, with a few things: My dignity, my honesty and my love for music."

Who knew Rebecca was so feisty?

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